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As we love Golliwogs so much, we are often looking around the Internet for new stories about Golliwogs in the big wide world to keep us informed and educated about our business and our Golly passion. Lots of times, of course, you read negative things, but occasionally, when sense prevails, something great gets written or talked about.

We will highlight both sides of the story here, so that people can make their own decision on owning or gifting the adorable dolls.


Date Posted: 4 December 2016

Date Posted: 12 September 2016

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Just Rag Dolls

3 August 2019
I see no problems with the Gollies. I liken them to be a black version of the raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls.

long live the gollies

By: on 17 March 2018
where can i buy a 3ft high golly from, can anybody help me, thanks jim

Our purchase

By: on 10 October 2016
I would like to thank you for your super fast service for getting our golliwog to the UK 7days and he is really good we are very pleased thank you very much D Eastaugh uk

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