Mel & Steff Golliwogs

Mel & Steff™ Golliwogs are a treasure to own, not only for their amazing design, colours, and close attention to detail in their artisinal handmade styles, but for the fact that these gorgeous dolls are all made in Sri Lanka, and give work, money and pride to a group of women, standing out in their community. Setup by a wonderful lady from Australia (who herself comes from Sri Lanka), the business was established by a women for women. The dream was to make it easy for women to earn a living, while meeting the demands and time constraints of motherhood & family responsibilities.

Every single detail of a Mel & Steff™ doll, from their hand-drawn and embroidered cheeky smiles, fashionable outfits and hand-attached hair, is stitched by hard working women, who are also care givers. Most work at their own pace, from home, while a handful come in to the “heart of the nest” as their personal schedules permit.

We hope to visit Sri Lanka soon, and visit this amazing enterprise. Be happy in the knowledge, that your purchase of these Mel & Steff™ gollies is helping these marvellous women, and their families in Sri Lanka. 




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